Rhodes School District 84.5

ELL and Dual Language Classrooms

English Language Learners (ELL)

The English Learner program at Rhodes strives to focus on the four language domains of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students who are identified as English Learners (EL) will receive support services that strive to increase a child's English language abilities while also removing linguistic barriers to achieving academic success. The EL program at Rhodes utilizes a combination of push-in, pull-out, co-teaching, and collaborative planning guided by the needs of the students.

The term English Learner (EL) refers to students who speak or have identified themselves as having a native language other than English via the home language survey given during the registration process. Students are screened for services, and those who qualify, receive services from an EL teacher. Students continue to receive services until achieving a composite score of 4.8 or higher on the ACCESS test taken yearly. Students who score above 4.8 are monitored for two more years to ensure linguistic success within the classroom.

Please refer to the specific grade level for information about our EL program, as they vary from grade level and subject.

Dual Language

The Dual Language program at Rhodes functions within a one-way dual language program model. Students who are native Spanish speakers begin the program in kindergarten and continue through the grades learning in both English and Spanish. Units are taught in one instructional language and then bridging and other strategies are used to connect to the non-instructional language. Any student who is a native-Spanish speaker may qualify for the program. English Learner (EL) status does not impact eligibility. The goals of the dual language program are focused on encouraging bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural students.

This means that classroom instruction will focus on the development of both languages simultaneously alongside opportunities to explore the interconnectedness of language and culture. Families with students in the program are asked to commit to the program in its entirety and to continue to promote at least a Spanish or bilingual household. We are proud to serve a diverse population and recognize how important it is to reflect our students' backgrounds, experiences, language, and culture in all that we do.

For further information regarding English Learners or our Dual Language Program, please contact Mr. Johnson at (708) 453-6813, extension 116.

Teachers can be contacted via DOJO and email. Please visit our Staff Connection to contact your child's teacher.