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6th Grade Health

What is Health?
4 parts of health - physical, mental emotional and social How each part affects overall wellness

What Influences Health?
How heredity and environment influence our health. How decisions you make can affect your environment and heredity

Healthy Attitudes
Learn how your lifestyle (how you live your daily life) and attitude (why you make certain choices) affects your health Preventive healthcare

Life Skills
Learn about and demonstrate the 9 life skills and how they can be used in everyday situations to help us make better decisions about our health

Caring for the Body
Parts of the body covered: skin, hair, nails, teeth, eyes and ears. How the these parts of the body work, how they help us and how to care for them

Healthcare Resources
Healthcare products and services that are available to the healthcare consumer
How to choose the product and services that are the best for you

Strength, muscular endurance, heart and lung endurance, flexibility and body composition
Setting fitness goals
F.I.T. principle - used to achieve goals
Individual and team sports and lifetime activities
How to recognize injuries and the steps needed to take care of them
The RICE method How to avoid injury - warm up and cool down
Safety equipment while exercising to prevent accidents or injury

7th Grade Health

What's in tobacco products?
Nicotine's immediate effects on the body
Types of tobacco products - cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipe, cigars, bidis,vaping
Environmental tobacco smoke
Respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and oral cancer caused by tobacco use
Social and emotional effects of tobacco use
Addiction, tolerance, dependence and withdrawal
Peer pressure
Quitting and nicotine replacement therapy Choosing to not use - how to say no and live a tobacco free life

Peer pressure
Depressants effects on the body and brain Blood alcohol concentration - (BAC) and its impact on the central nervous system
Alcohol abuse
How alcohol changes your ability to make smart choices in regards to social situations and can lead to violence and unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections
Fetal alcohol syndrome
Driving under the influence - DUI Ways to prevent drunk driving
Abstinence from alcohol
How to say no to alcohol and alternatives to drinking

Different ways drugs are taken - orally, injection, smoking and inhaling
Prescription medicine vs. over the counter
Drug misuse and drug abuse
The path to drug addiction
Dependence and withdrawal
Consequences of drug abuse: problems with family and friends, school, money, health and the law
Stimulants and depressants
Hallucinogens and inhalants
Staying drug free

8th Grade Health

6 Essential nutrients
What is a diet?
Food and feelings
Food guide pyramid and My Plate
Body Image and Self Esteem - How the two go together
Influences on body image: family, friends, teachers, coaches and the media
How to build a healthy body image
Eating Disorders
Unhealthy eating behaviors
Anorexia Nervosa
Bulimia Nervosa
Binge Eating
How to give and get help
Healthy weight range and body mass index - BMI
Healthy energy balance

Male Reproductive System
Path of a sperm
Symptoms of reproductive problems
Problems of the male reproductive system
Caring for the male body

Female Reproductive System
Ovulation and menstruation
Symptoms of reproductive problems
Problems of the female reproductive system
Caring for the female body

Pregnancy and Birth
Nourishing the fetus through the placenta
Dangers of alcohol, tobacco and drug use for mother and fetus
Changes to mother and fetus during the 3 trimesters
Process of birth
3 stages of labor Complications of pregnancy

Infant Safe Haven Laws
Guidelines that have to be followed
Places that are safe havens

Most common STI's
Signs and symptoms of most common
Treatments if possible
How to prevent spread of STI's

Most common forms of contraception
How they are used
How effective are they
Do they prevent spread of STI's

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