Rhodes School District 84.5

Health Requirments and Forms

  • Certificate of Child Health Exam
  • Your physician will use this form to record the required Pre-k, Kindergarten and 6th grade physical.

  • Extra Curricular Sports Forms
  • All sport phyicals are required to be updated yearly with the nusers office. This is required for all 6th,7th and 8th grade students that choose to participate in sports. Students will not be allowed to tryout with out a sports phyicals on file. In conjunction with the required sports physical, all student will be required to complete the "Concussion Information Form." This form must be reviewed and signed by both the parent or guardian of the student, as well the student themselves.

  • Eye Exam Report
  • State of IL requires proof of an eye examination by and Optometrist, be submitted to the school no later that of the year the child is enrolled in Kindergarten, or enter an IL school for the first time.

  • Proof of School Dental Form
  • State of IL reqires proof of a dental examination, this form must be submitted to the school no later than May 15 of each school year for all studnets attending Kindergarten, 2nd and 6th grade.

  • Medication Authorization
  • If your child requires any prescription or over-the-counter medications durning school hours, this form must be completed by your childs physician. Please verify with your child physician, if an "Emergency Action Plan," is required.